Student Accomplishments

Caleb likes hunting and fishing. He also enjoys playing and watching football. For fun he likes to read, swim and programming.
Camila enjoys riding her bike, playing with her friends at school, and playing the piano. She also likes sports, making rubber band bracelets, drawing, playing with electronics and art.
I Like Mango
If Jared was alone on an island, he would bring his mom, an iPad and charger, and supplies. Jared also got a superior+ rating in the Piano Achievement Auditions, and was chosen as a performer for the Judges Choice Recital. In addition, Jared got a Gold medal in the Theory Test.
Sonata in G Major, 2nd Mov. (Beethoven)
Bagatelle (A. Tcherepnin)
This year Joshua made the top 8th grade honors band as a 7th grader. He also maintained a 4.0 grade point average. He also acquired various instruments such as the flute, trumpet, trombone, sax, violin, and more.
Axel F (Faltermeyer)
Mission Impossible (Schifrin)
Julieta successfully completed her first year of middle school and was honored by being inducted into the National Honor Junior Society. She is looking forward to starting her first year of UTSA's pre-freshman engineering program this summer.
Autumn Leaves
The Entartainer (S. Joplin)
Kayuki enjoys gymnastics and she trains 4 days a week. Running is fun too. Also, she loves learning new things at school and her favorite subjects are math and science. For fun she likes to play with her dog and read chapter books.
Arietta (Mozart)
Melody (Schumann)
If Kiely was alone on an island, she would bring her sister and brothers, a pen and paper, and her cat Nick.
Little Playmates
Chant Arabe
Manuel has accomplished many things this year. He learned to play the cello, and he says cello is very fun. He also started to skateboard and he can do an ollie.
This year Nikolas Pizana advanced to the district competition in the battle of the books, he went snowboarding for the first time, and got straight A's in school.
Long, Long Ago
This year Rodney participated in his first taekwondo tournament and won 1st place in point sparing. In April he earned the taekwondo belt of Blue/Black stripe. As of June 5th, Rodney will officially be a 5th grader.
Kites in the Sky (Faber)

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