Music Studio Amenities

What you'll find in the music studio

Here is a list of some of the amenities you will find at my Home Studio

For the Student

6 Ft. Grand Piano

Upright Studio Piano

Roland and Yamaha Keyboards

Music Computer Lab

Students can improve their music skills even farther by using the Computer Lab. This lab allows students to work on music theory, ear training, composition and more at any level of their musical development. Limited availability, please check with teacher.

Music from the Classic Composers

Enjoy the music from Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and many other great composers while you wait. Read their stories and how they created their timeless compositions.

Multitrack Digital Recorder and Roland A90 Digital Monitors

iPad 2

I use this handy gadget to manage student information, lesson plans, and assignments. I can also video record students playing their instruments in order to analyze their performance and correct errors. This tool offers an array of apps that help a student learn music better such as flash cards, music theory, ear training, and music creation tools such as GarageBand.

Extensive Music Library

I have several music books encompassing ten levels of piano repertoire in eight categories: Masterwork Classics, Educational, World Music, Pop/Rock/Country, Jazz & Blues, Patriotic, Praise & Hymns, and Christmas. I use this library to select the appropriate pieces for my students.

Guitar Amplifier

Tascam DR-07 Handheld Digital Recorder

For the Parents

Comfortable Sofas in the Waiting Room

Relevant Library

here's some of the books you'll find:

For the Parents:

  • Nurtured by Love by Shinichi Suzuki
  • Ability Development from Age Zero by Shinichi Suzuki
  • Parents as Teachers by J. Luedke
  • Focus on Suzuki Piano by Mary Craig Powell
  • Cultural Literacy by E. D. Hirsch
  • Concise History of Western Music by B. R. Hanning
  • The Practice Revolution by P. Johnston

For the Students:

  • The Art of Practicing by M. Bruser
  • Practiceopedia by P. Johnston
  • Marsalis on Music by W. Marsalis
  • Piano Explore Magazine
  • Time Traveler
  • Mighty Machines
  • Wild Wild World
  • How Things Work

For the Little Ones:

  • Courteous Kids series
  • Help Me Be Good series
  • Disney Collection
  • Children Just Like Me
For the Little Ones


For All