What parents say about the lessons and the teacher

Mr. Aguilar does not just teach piano lessons -- he also inspires musicianship and the confidence that accompanies having this ability. Mr. Aguilar really knows what he is doing--his patient, kind and caring instruction has my six-year-old daughter looking forward to her lessons each week. We are very impressed by the progress she has made since she began piano just over the past nine months, but most importantly, she truly enjoys playing and has an appreciation for the craft she is acquiring. In fact, she and her three-year-old brother have been petitioning us to allow them to take guitar lessons from Mr. Aguilar as well (as soon as her brother is big enough to actually hold the guitar!) We consider it a blessing to have found Mr. Aguilar.

-The Bells

It hasn't been a year since my son (Jared, age 7) started lessons with Pablo Aguilar and already he's in level 3 in his piano lesson book. Pablo is a very talented and seasoned musician that knows how to nurture the love of music in his students. In his lessons, he combines theory, sight reading, and ear training which assist in making well-rounded musicians. Another important factor Pablo includes in his lessons is the parents. Parents, in collaboration with the instructor, reinforce the lessons learned in session at home. As a very hands-on parent, I appreciate being included in my son's growth. In Jared's own words, "Pablo is the best! I'm glad he's my piano teacher!"

-Jo Cuevas

After a wasted year of going through three different piano teachers, I had all but lost hope of finding a suitable teacher who genuinely knew how to teach my 5 and 7 year old boys. One teacher was unfamiliar with how to teach children, another was bound to reading music and perfecting technique to a scary degree and the last was so slow and pitiful with progress. We had originally started with a Suzuki piano teacher when my older son was 4 1/2 years old and the progress and ear training was wonderful. But after she moved, I just wanted to find a teacher who knew how to teach young children and was not merely bound to their ability of reading music at this age. Well, as of this year, we have stopped our searching and I have no doubt that we have found our musical "home." Pablo is professional, talented, relaxed and excellent with my boys. He gently pushes my 7 year old, who is more musically inclined, and rounds him out with playing and reading music while he encourages and supports my more timid 5 year old who needs more time. He is truly worth every penny and the boys look forward to their lessons.

-Ripsime Bledsoe

Dear Mr. Aguilar,

We want to take this time to thank you for your dedication and approach to teaching and coaching children through the world music on the piano and the guitar.

It amazes me to see and hear my son's progress on the piano since he began taking lessons with you in January of this year. When I came to you he had roughly 3 months of beginner piano lessons at another studio. It was not going well. My son was not happy and his practice times were complicated and he did not enjoy himself. I decided it was best for me to take him out of piano lessons, but received a recommendation from a friend about you and your studio.

I am so thankful that we decided to try again with piano lessons with you. My son was so happy after the first lesson. I thought you must have performed magic on him! I recognize however, that truly it is your approach and your nature and patience that my son was at ease with and he felt confident and comfortable with you.

He has only been with you, roughly 4 months and he has already been in one recital and entered the talent show at his elementary school where he was accepted to perform, which he did, and he did well! The teachers and students were impressed and he received many accolades on his piano and guitar performances.

Please know that we are grateful and thankful for your gift and talent in teaching music. We do plan to continue on with you and we are looking forward to our son's future progress and can't wait to hear him perform in more shows!

Veronica and William Alberts

Two years ago we decided to start our nine year old son with piano lessons. We tried him with a private traditional teacher for three months before we found out thru a church member who had enrolled their son in the Suzuki method with Pablo Aguilar. We were skeptical at first because we never heard about this method of teaching. But after listening to how well our friend's son played, we decided to give it a try because our son was getting bored with the traditional method and we thought that he needed a more structured method. A few months after we enrolled him we immediately noticed a big improvement in his playing and also his enthusiasm to play. It's amazing to see how well he can play now since we first enrolled him in the Suzuki method with Mr. Aguilar. We would highly recommend Mr. Aguilar as a piano instructor to any parent who is seriously thinking of enrolling their children in piano classes.

-Raj and Lissbeth

Pablo Aguilar has been my kid's piano teacher for the past five years. My daughter Abigail started taking piano lessons when she was in Kinder and is now going to fifth grade. My son Lorenzo has been taking piano lessons for two years now. It has been a wonderful experience seeing my children learn to play the piano at such a young age. Mr. Aguilar has shown great professionalism and patience working with my kids and the many young children I have seen at his recitals. Mr. Aguilar works at the children's pace and focuses on the strengths of each child. My children have learned the songs from Mary Had a Little Lamp to music from the classic composers. However, recently my heart was really touched, when I saw my daughter read the piano notes and play a couple of her favorite Christian Gospel songs from the radio and her favorite Church Hymns. I thank God for giving Pablo the talent to teach and for giving us the opportunity to learn from him.

-Lorenzo Garcia

My two sons, ages 9 & 11, have been taking piano lessons with Pablo Aguilar for almost a year now and I am so pleased to say that they have learned to enjoy playing the piano. Before they began with Mr. Pablo, they struggled and were frustrated in playing. We have been blessed by his patience and understanding while teaching the boys. He teaches in a way that causes them to figure out how to correct their own mistakes. They have both had a very positive experience taking piano from this wonderful teacher.

-Julie Stratemann

Our daughter has benefited greatly from private piano lessons with Mr. Pablo. He creates a lesson plan based on her own individual needs and desires, and we have watched her blossom musically. His encouraging and gentle demeanor, along with the comfortable and peaceful home studio, provide a great environment for learning to love music. He also offers a wide variety of opportunities to choose from that enhance her learning and performing experience. I would highly recommend him for a student of any level!

-Mrs. Amick

My two daughters have studied piano with Mr. Aguilar for about 3 years. The thing that I appreciate most about Mr. Aguilar is his patience and the creative and clever ways that he works with them as they learn new material. He is very encouraging and positive in his approach, and this has helped the girls make excellent progress, and grow in their ability to think and problem solve in other areas too. The recitals and opportunities to participate in other activities such as the theory test and achievement auditions have been a nice complement to the lessons. I highly recommend Mr. Aguilar as a teacher.

-Beth Hernandez

My daughter and son have taken piano lessons from Pablo for several years now. Pablo is a very gracious teacher with his students working on an individual basis to help each one learn the skills they need to become the very best they can be with their instrument.

We first came to Pablo after our previous teacher had moved and she recommended him to us. My daughter has learned a vast amount about sight reading and how to excel in that area. She is now able to play most any piece of music she picks up and has also expanded her music to other instruments and is currently involved in areas of worship.

He has also been very sensitive in helping to direct the children into their 'bent' or direction of learning. As my daughter expressed an interest in composition, he helped direct her in that area and gave her the tools she could use to grow in that area. My son, on the other hand, who is much younger, had difficulty keeping focus and Pablo was creative and patient in his methods to keep his attention. I have also seen many of the students with interests in worship music and Pablo has made that very accessible to the them as well as providing opportunities for them to play in groups for church.

Pablo has been very flexible in the genres also, and has allowed his students to introduce pieces they find interesting. Yet he continues to help them to press forward with the classics that help them to learn the more difficult skills. He is very approachable with parent involvement and has worked with us as parents in helping our children progress.

We have been very blessed to have Pablo as our children's piano instructor.

-Michelle Murph

We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Mr. Aguilar. Mr. Aguilar is a wonderful instructor for my children, over the years my boys have loved his patience and kindness while learning to play guitar and piano. He also helps to teach the boys around their needs, if my son wants to learn a certain song he tailors his instruction around that. His flexibility and knowledge really shows such care in developing the talents of the children.

-The Fraziers

My daughter began her Suzuki piano lessons in the state of Washington when she was six years old and she is now sixteen. She has been taking lessons from Pablo for about four years. We really enjoy Pablo because he is very patient, he works well with children and he has the greatest temperament. He is nice and calming and is very encouraging. He also has a great studio with other instruments and recording devices to help motivate and stimulate creativity. We would definitely recommend Pablo for anyone searching for a piano teacher. He welcomes and encourages parental involvement and he is extremely accommodating and flexible. In addition, he is very involved and active in our local music community, and to top it off, he is a great pianist!

-Janet Gott

What more could a parent want for their child than to find a teacher who fans the flames of their potential. Over the past year and an half, we have delighted in seeing and hearing our daughter Chloe's love for the piano grow exponentially. Pablo Aguilar is a kind and gifted teacher who keeps the journey of learning full of joy.

-Richard and Debbie Castillo