Mission Statement

Every child comes to our world with musical ability

I believe every child comes to our world with musical ability. As a music teacher, it's my duty to foster and inspire this natural capacity. I strive to bring out the innate musicality in each and every student. Music is a necessary part of life and children need the beauty and expression of music just as much as they need to know how to read and multiply.

I also believe that the relationship between teacher, student and parent is essential to the success of music lessons. We all have a very important role to play, and when we work together the result is a positive and rewarding experience. The student will develop discipline, sensitivity, ability to focus, ability to analyze and solve problems, in addition to the joy of making music.

I recognize that every student has unique needs and abilities; therefore I adjust my teaching approach to address those needs and maximize their potential. I believe that all children are capable of learning music and that teaching includes a never-ending journey of discovery to find out what enables them to be successful learners.