V. The Great Controversy Suite, No. 5 - I Am With You
   by Pablo A. Aguilar

As the exile Israelites had returned from their captivity in Babylon, they seem to have forgotten the reason for their return. They let God’s temple sit in ruins while they devoted their energy to building their own houses. They worked hard but did not earn much, they had mistaken their priorities. Haggai, the prophet, confronted them with their current situation. Until the people turned their attention to this priority, there would be no prosperity for them. The temple in Jerusalem symbolized the divine presence among fallen humanity. The very symbol of God and the entire plan of salvation were in ruins. This time the message was instantly obeyed by the leaders and the people. In less than five years the temple was completed. As soon as the people decided to obey God, the messages of reproof were replaced by words of encouragement. Haggai delivered a new message from God: “I am with you.” The assurance of God’s presence gave them the promise of all other blessings.

Dedicated to my sister Debbie: because you really care.

Haggai 1:13

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