V. The Great Controversy Suite, No. 3 - Learning to be Someone
   by Pablo A. Aguilar

This piece, dedicated to my daughter who is almost a teen, was inspired by the story of Hannah. In her time, infertility was a source of humiliation and shame. She couldn’t have a child and that was the worst predicament for a woman. Hannah was strongly influenced by her culture. She drew her self-esteem from what others thought she should be like in spite of having a loving husband. After pouring her heart out to God (and mistaken as a drunk by the priest), she had a son that she gave back to God to serve in the temple. In the Great Controversy, Satan tried to break people down by lowering their self-esteem. He knew that if they know the truth, he’ll loose control over them. And the truth is that they were created by God and that by itself gives them worth. On top of that, God made them unique and gave them talents and abilities. God created them in his own image because human beings are the crown of God's creation.

Dedicated to my daughter Paola Angélica: because you are and always be precious to me.

1 Samuel 1:15-18

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