V. The Great Controversy Suite, No. 2 - Day of Delight
   by Pablo A. Aguilar

One day after God created the earth and everything in it, He set apart the seventh day of the week for their children to build a solid relationship with them. God wanted to become intimately acquainted with each of them and gave them a special time to spend in contemplation of their Creator and Redeemer. It would be a bridge, from week to week, that reminded them of where they have come from, why they were here, and where they were going. This special day became the Sabbath and was a gift and a blessing to the human race. It also became a target of Satan’s attack since he well knew that if he can destroy a person’s relationship with God, that person would end up serving him. So he convinced many to view the Sabbath as a burden and an obstacle. Still a few ones remained true to the purpose and delight of the Sabbath and used it to reconnect to their Creator.

Dedicated to my wife Brenda: because you’re the joy of my life.

Genesis 2:1-3 & Isaiah 58:13-14
Day of Delight by Ted N. C. Wilson
The Promise of Delight by Afia Donkor

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